Dear Community Friends,

Since its creation by the Board of Supervisors in June 2009, the Lackawaxen Township Fire Commission has undergone a number of changes in both its membership and its charter.  Our membership now includes all four Volunteer Fire Departments and the EMS Squad as well as student representatives from the high school.  In addition, we have incorporated and received approval from the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization to facilitate the cost saving initiatives undertaken on behalf of our members.  Despite all that’s happened, though, we have remained true to our Mission and Vision Statements.  We have achieved monetary as well as manpower savings in fund raising, substantially reduced insurance costs and brought down the cost of fuel purchases for our members, just to name a few.  Together as a group, we have been able to accomplish a lot over the past several years and are most proud of what we have done.  However, in the spirit of cooperation that has characterized the Commission’s work, we look forward to even more significant accomplishments in the future that will improve efficiency, while enhancing the level of safety for both our volunteers and our residents.

This web site is intended to acquaint you with us, inform you of our meetings and provide you with our e-mail address as well as that of our members for interactive communication if you want to contact us.  Our membership is composed of both citizen and volunteer members of the four Fire Departments, the EMS Squad, the Board of Supervisors and the Township at large.  As you can see from the pictures below, we represent a cross section of the community.  We are your friends and neighbors, united in the common goal to help our volunteers, help our Township and work together for the greater good of all.  With your help and cooperation, we’ll succeed in meeting that goal.

Yours in Safety and Protection,

The Lackawaxen Township Fire Commission


John Kerkowski (President)
Central VFD Citizen Member

Alfred Petrillo (Vice President)
Forest VFD Department Member

Ruth Daniels (Secretary)
Forest VFD Citizen Member


Michelle Thompson
EMS Squad 21 Department Member

Ed Dillon 
Central VFD Department Member

Ben Solowitz (Treasurer)
Lackawaxen VFD Department Member



Michael Mancino
Board of Supervisors Member

 Don Jahn
Lackawaxen VFD Citizen Member
 Sheldon Langer 
Fire Commission Citizen At Large Member


Frank Coffaro
Board of Supervisors Citizen At Large Member

Larry Dosch
Greeley VFD Member

 Bill Thomas
EMS Squad 21 Citizen Member



Bill German
Greeley VFD. Citizen Member

Brian Nielsen
Student Representative