Mission Statement

The mission of the Lackawaxen Township Fire Commission is to work in partnership with one another to provide dependable and efficient emergency services to the residents of Lackawaxen Township. Consistent with this goal, we will strive to improve the overall level of such services to the public, including fire protection, rescue and medical, as well as enhance the safety of the respective department members and the level of volunteerism in the Township.

Vision Statement

It is our vision that by seeking ways to coordinate administration, fund raising and utilization of assets, as well as training among the member Fire Departments and the EMS, we will be able to help provide a superior level of fire, rescue and medical protection to the citizens of Lackawaxen Township while addressing the well being of our volunteers and the need to facilitate their recruitment efforts. Working together, we plan to address all related issues that will enable us to explore and, where feasible, implement these and other mutually beneficial initiatives between and among Commission members.